Roof Repairs | Waterproofing Services | Damp Proofing | General Maintenance


Roof Repairs | Waterproofing Services | Damp Proofing | General Maintenance


Roof Repairs | Waterproofing Services | Damp Proofing | General Maintenance

Roof Repairs Johannesburg, Leaking Roof Repair Johannesburg, Waterproofing Services, Damp Proofing, Painting & Building renovation maintenance in Johannesburg, Pretoria and East Rand.

We specialize in all types of waterproofing and paint work. New Ceilings, All kinds of gutters, Damp Proofing, Industrial Sand blasting and spray painting, General Cleaning and maintenance. Walk in cold rooms and on site Accommodation and Office blocks. Electrical, Plumbing and building alterations

Roof Repair and Waterproofing Services

(our services include but are not limited to)


Roof Waterproofing Repairs

Industrial Leaking Roof Waterproofing

Damp Proofing Walls Services

Epoxy Floor Coating Services

Torch-On Waterproofing Services

General Paint Work

Gutter Repairs

Ceiling Repairs

Waterproofing services is the process of making an object or structure waterproof or water-resistant such as a leaking roof repair.  Fix a Leaking Roof with the help of Hiltop SA today.

Damp proofing & Waterproofing of commercial and residential properties. 

Roof Waterproofing Johannesburg and PretoriaHiltop SA is a specialist roof repair, building roof waterproofing and painting company.  Get a specialist roof repair service Johannesburg to ensure proper guaranteed waterproofing and roof repairs, damp proofing specialists, and maintenance. All types of roof repairs and maintenance in Johannesburg, Pretoria and the East Rand roof waterproofing.

Don’t let a leaking roof or rising damp sag your day.  Contact us for a free quotation.



When Should I Consider Roof Repair Services In Johannesburg?


Sagging Ceiling

If your ceilings sag or have marks and stains on them, you might have a leaking roof. Other signs include dripping sounds when it rains or storms.


Roof Tile Damage

Broken Roof Tiles are a direct sign of roof damage and leaking roof problems.  When Roof Tiles are broken gaps form and water flows inside your building.


Roof Looks Faded

A faded roof can be a telltale sign of wear and tear.  This might mean its been a few years since the last checkup and maintenance on the roof.


Loose Hanging Facia Boards

Fascia is the term given to the horizontal board that is fixed along the rafter ends at the eaves, closing the gap between each rafter.


Broken Gutters

Gutters play a very important role in the flow of water from the roof and dispose of water in a safe environmentally friendly manner. Broken gutters can cause damage to the structure.

Is your Roof Leaking? Get a Free Roof Repair Waterproofing Quote

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Hiltop SA roof repair Johannesburg was founded in 2009 by Hilton Flooks who has a significant number of years’ experience in the Paint manufacturing and application to all kinds of surfaces. Roof waterproofing services are offered by Hiltop SA and Hiltop SA is also BEE Certified. 

Hiltop SA has spent many years developing strategic partnerships within the roof repair and roof waterproofing industry. With the help of other manufacturers and developers of world class standards Hiltop SA waterproofing Johannesburg has built a repeatable relationship with numerous customers suffering problems such as leaking roof and waterproofing requirements.

We aim to be a leader in our market segment and we strive to a personal service par excellence at all times. We vow, to you or client, never to treat you as a mere number but it shall be honored to call by name and cement our business relationship in the good spirit of trust and honesty.

We aim to conduct all our business dealings in such a fashion, to ensure the satisfaction of our clients and maintain a lasting and equally beneficial business relationship. We strive to excel in our service and support as well as improve our service quality.

Our footprint covers most of South Africa. Our offices are based in Kempton Park, Gauteng. Hiltop SA deals with all Domestic, Commercial, Industrial and Mining sector, Government Departments.